Best practices for file access from shared instructor workstations in classrooms and labs

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We're pleased to share some best practices for instructors or presenters who use the shared instructor workstations in CSUCI's shared classrooms and labs.

The recommended way to access files in our shared teaching and learning spaces (classrooms and labs) is through CI’s cloud-based, web accessible repositories: Dropbox@CI, CI Learn (Canvas), and CI Docs (Google). These repositories are configurable to allow users to organize and share files as needed. The strategy to provide cloud-based file sharing that is secure, robust, and scalable is preferred over maintaining on-site network share drives.

In shared classroom/lab environments, consistent and reliable workstations with little personalization are necessary to ensure that:

  • each user has a predictable, consistent experience in the classroom;
  • hardware can be quickly and easily replaced in hot swappable fashion as necessary; and
  • resource allocations (disk space) are protected and controlled to provide the best performance possible for all users. 

With the trend toward using cloud-based file repositories comes the need for users to be aware of the capabilities and limits of these services when accessed from shared computers. In addition to sharing files through the CI supported web services, instructors and students can also access and edit files in the classroom from their own USB drives.

While full access to individual personal files is permitted, features like the Dropbox App may not be supported in order to allow successful use of the shared computers by all.

If you need help to share or display files in a lab or classroom, please contact the T&I Solution Center at or call 805-437-8552.

myCI 3.0 is live!

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We're very pleased to announce that the new version of myCI went live at approximately 615pm this evening.

It's a big change that still will look familiar to most people. The upgrade lays the groundwok in preparation for more myCI changes to come during 2018, including greater personalization (ability to add & organize favorite services!), search, a new message center, and much more.

Try it out, and be sure to take the myCI tour to learn about the new interface and explore the new features and familiarize yourself with where some services have moved. 

If you experience any problems or need help with myCI, please contact the T&I Solution Center at or call 805-437-8552.

If you wish to report any feedback about the myCI portal, please use the myCI 3.0 Feedback Form located in myCI.

Scheduled Maintenance on CI Records and CI Financials this Weekend - 02/03/2018

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On Saturday, Feb. 3, the CSU Chancellor’s Office in concert with Unisys, our CI Records and CI Financials data center hosting provider, will be migrating all of the CSU’s PeopleSoft data center functions to a new, more efficient data center. 

CSUCI Technology & Innovation personnel have been working throughout the development and testing process to verify successful communication between CSUCI and the new data center, and to date all testing has been successful. 

What this means for you:

  • CI Records and CI Financials will be unavailable from midnight on Saturday Feb. 3 to no later than noon on Feb. 4 (36 hours). 
  • This will include ALL CI Records/CI Financials services impacting HR, Student, and Finance systems as well as the CSU System-wide Finance Data Warehouse.
  • Additional information regarding the data center move may be found here:

Please contact T&I Director of Enterprise Services and Security Neal Fisch at with any questions about maintenance.  Thank you for your cooperation in helping the CSU and CSUCI's technology environment up-to-date!

Computer end-of-life and red-tagging of IT equipment - update

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The Division of Technology & Innovation (T&I) at CSU Channel Islands has recently updated its business practice with respect to how support is handled for IT equipment which has reached its end of life. 

The University currently supports a portfolio of several thousand desktops, laptops, tablet devices, printers, projectors and other office and classroom equipment. In order to maintain a modern, reliable and secure computing environment for the campus and to ensure that CSUCI students and employees have good working equipment to perform their daily assignments, it is necessary to regularly remove older technology from production and replace it with newer, more reliable technology. A regular refresh cycle reduces the burden of support by technicians in T&I for older, less-reliable, and increasingly non-standard equipment.

Please take some time to review BP.03.012 - Business Practice for Hardware End-of-Life and "Red Tagging". The updated practice describes:

  • the criteria for equipment end-of-life; 
  • how end-of-life equipment will be marked by T&I technicians with a red tag; and 
  • the level of support that T&I will provide for red-tagged devices.

As University divisions and campus organizations may not be fully aware of the number and location of computers in their area that will be considered as "red tagged" in accordance with this practice, during the spring 2018 term T&I User Services will be contacting each division with an inventory of personal computers and equipment in their area which fall into the category of "red tagged" equipment, to enable each division to plan for appropriate refresh of end-of-life equipment. In accordance with this practice, these inventory reports will be provided to each division by T&I User Services on an annual basis. 

Please contact T&I Manager of User Services Dawn Canfield at with any questions about this practice or the computer inventory. Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep CSUCI's technology environment up-to-date!

myCI 3.0 launch date rescheduled

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In order to make sure that the myCI 3.0 launch is a success, we've moved the launch date to Friday, February 16, 2018. This will give us further time to share the updates via the MyCI 3.0 beta site (myCI login required) before we launch.

Thanks for your patience and helping us ensure a successful launch!

Please contact the T&I Help Desk at 805-437-8552 or email with any questions about these forthcoming changes. 

myCI 3.0 is coming!

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UPDATE 1/10/2018: MyCI 3.0 launch has been rescheduled to Friday, February 16, 2018. 


We're pleased to announce that we will be releasing a new version of myCI (titled MyCI 3.0) is expected to go live on the evening of Friday, January 12, 2018.

This is the first major update to myCI in over 7 years, and will help address the feedback received from students, faculty and staff regarding the ease-of-use and personalization of myCI. The current enhancements to myCI include:

  • A new layout grid for the "Services" section (replaces "My Links")
  • New service information details, which include an icon, a short description and an "information" link with details about the service. 
  • Relocation of the "Important Information" section into the "My Apps" section. 
You can learn more about the forthcoming changes on the MyCI 3.0 Enhancements page. You may also try out many of the features before they go live by visiting the MyCI 3.0 beta site (myCI login required)

Please contact the T&I Help Desk at 805-437-8552 or email with any questions about these forthcoming changes. 

New monthly technology maintenance plan and schedule announced

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To provide the best possible service, the Division of Technology & Innovation T&I must regularly update and perform routine maintenance on its systems and networks. Some of these activities require that the affected systems and networks be shut down. While this work is essential, we also recognize that it presents an inconvenience. To enable those who use these systems to better plan for maintenance, we are establishing a new monthly maintenance plan and schedule for performing routine maintenance and upgrades to our services.

The Division of Technology & Innovation (T&I) will perform its scheduled monthly technology maintenance on the second Friday of each month starting at 6:00 PM and ending at 6:00 AM the following morning. The monthly maintenance program is a preventive measure that is essential to providing stable and secure systems to the University.

Visit the T&I Maintenance Schedule page for a complete list of scheduled maintenance dates and additional details about this updated practice. Please contact Deputy CIO Herb Aquino at with any questions about the schedule or plan.