Completed upgrades of CI's web servers

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Upgrades of CI's primary web servers for and our academic/administrative web sites were successfully completed Friday night, doubling the amount of available space. We experienced no down time, thanks to T&I's infrastructure team and our partners at LiquidWeb.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) now available for research computing

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Thanks to a new agreement between CSU Channel Islands (CI) and Amazon, faculty and campus departments now have access to provision affordable, high-performance research computing resources through Amazon Web Services (AWS) on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis, including virtual servers, storage and databases and other services.

Because of our agreement, T&I's master AWS account and billing arrangement enables faculty & departments to create their own AWS linked accounts and facilitates management of central billing and cost-recovery by T&I.

CI's Computer Science program is an early adopter of the new service and has already seen a dramatic difference in reduction of processing time for their computing resources. We're glad to share in their immediate success, and excited to share this new opportunity with the CI community.

Please visit the CI Amazon Web Services web site for more details about AWS service and learn how to get started.

goCI v2.1: View your class schedule, grades and open lab computers

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We're excited to announce that on Monday, January 16, 2017 we officially launched v2.1 of our goCI mobile app.

The updated app now includes the following 3 new modules:

"Register": now you can view your class schedule, grades from previous semesters, and browse the course catalog.

"Pay Now": pay your tuition and other fees for your student account online through the app.

"Labs": view how many computers are available in the open labs on campus (currently only Broome Library labs are listed).

We are also working on an enhancement for the "Register" module that will enable you to find classes in the course catalog, as well as add, drop and swap those classes. Testing is currently underway, and we expect to launch these enhancements in February.

Have a great idea for the goCI mobile app? Let us know! Contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy at

Technology & Communication is now Technology & Innovation

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I'm pleased to share this note from Michael Berman, Vice President for Technology & Innovation:

Dear colleagues,

As you already know from President Beck’s announcement, our good friends in Communication and Marketing are moving over to the Division of Advancement. We are sorry to see them leave Solano [Hall], but we’re glad they won’t be far away. We will be able to build on our shared history to continue our successful collaboration in days to come.

This change also makes the name “Technology & Communication” obsolete, so we need a name to reflect our new identity as the division that supports technology and teaching & learning through innovation.

After consulting with our Division's leadership team and the Cabinet, President Beck approved "Technology & Innovation" (abbreviated as T&I) to represent the mission and vision of our division. I’m pleased that this name emphasizes continuity with “T&C” and honors the great work that we have done together over the past 5+ years.


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, and thank you for all you do to support the students of CI – and each other.

Over the next few months, our Division will be working to update our web site, documentation, and all communication collateral to reflect our new identity. New logo extensions with the division's new name have already been created and are be available for those who need them.

Spring 2017 major project review cycle now open

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The Spring 2017 major project review cycle is now open.

Campus units and organizations may submit requests for major IT projects between December 1, 2016 and January 17, 2017 during this cycle.

T&C has a bi-annual cycle for major project review; the spring cycle corresponds with the campus budget planning process, to help ensure that campus budget and project requests are appropriately aligned. Projects approved during the spring cycle typically will begin on or after June 1.

For details on how to submit a major project request, please visit T&C New Project Requests page.

Q&A regarding the IT procurement process

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In an October session of CI's Academic Senate, a number of questions were raised regarding the purpose and intent of the revised IT procurement process. For the benefit of the campus community, we're pleased to share the feedback which we provided.

Clarification on the new paperwork for Technology purchases - What is the purpose?
The Division of Technology & Communication (T&C) has always had the responsibility to review most technology purchases; however, this was taking place behind the scenes as an inefficient, ad hoc, email-based process. We were losing track of procurement requests at an unacceptable frequency.

The updated procurement process (launched in March 2016 and developed through a partnership between Procurement & Logistical Services and T&C) was developed to provide a more consistent, transparent, efficient and "paper less" procurement experience for IT products and services; and to assure the we are effectively managing risk throughout the procurement process.

What category of equipment need to have the paperwork?
Consumable items (e.g., blank DVD media, etc.) & incidental computing accessories for personal use (e.g., flash drives, external hard drives, keyboards, mice, etc.) are exempt from this process.

All other procurements for IT-related products and services (including computers, printers, hardware and software) must be submitted online as described at . There are 2 categories: standard (for standard IT equipment as described on the T&C Quotes page) and custom (which includes all non-standard procurements, including new software or hardware procurements, software renewals, and consulting services).

Because they are non-standard, custom procurements typically require more detailed evaluation to determine the impact on the campus. The documents required to complete a custom IT procurement are described on the Information Technology Purchasing page at: . The process automatically adjusts evaluation requirements according to the type and complexity of the procurement.

What is the implication on the time of processing for the additional paperwork?
The time that it takes to complete a procurement varies widely on the complexity and impact of the procurement, as well as current capacity within T&C and Procurement. Typically custom procurements take longer than standard procurements. We understand this process is time consuming. There were some delays as we implemented the new process, but we are seeing significant improvement in processing time. ​​Please be assured that T&C and Procurement stakeholders meet regularly to continue to review & refine the process.

Since the launch of the new process in March, T&C and Procurement process on average 40 IT procurements per month. Here are some statistics for October 2017:

Standard procurement (start-to-finish) completion time:
Average: 5 days
Minimum: 3 days
Maximum: 8 days
3-month maximum: 69 days

Custom procurement (start-to-finish) completion time:
Average: 7 days
Minimum: 0 days
Maximum: 12 days
3-month maximum: 54 days

If we are using an external vendor for the equipment and they maintain the equipment, why is the extra paperwork needed?

T&C is obligated to ensure that IT products and services procured by the campus align with campus & CSU policy, applicable laws, and industry best practices so that we can continue to have an efficient, effective, reliable and secure campus technology infrastructure. It's important to evaluate all IT products & services delivered by our partners to ensure they can be installed, used and supported without imposing undue burden or risk on campus operations.​


In conjunction with the Division of Business & Financial Affairs (BFA), T&C also held two IT procurement workshops this fall to review the current process and answer questions. Further workshops will be held in spring 2017 and during future semesters. For further questions or comments, or to inquire about the next IT procurement workshops, please contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy at

2015-16 T&C Annual Report

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The Division of Technology & Communication (T&C) is pleased to share its annual report for the 2015-16 fiscal year for your review:

View the 2015-16 Annual Report (in PDF format)

Thanks to T&C staff and the University community for their ongoing support in creating a technology environment that enhances the educational experience and University operations at CI.